Alexander LAN, Inc.

System Management Simplified


Alexander LAN, Inc. has provided both service and software to support IT professionals for more than 20 years. The company specializes in software that helps prevent system failures, provides leading-edge management of servers, desktops, notebooks and other devices and enables secure access through a simple browser from anywhere in the world. The software provides information from the most granular level within a single system to the state of multiple data centers across an enterprise network. In addition, Alexander LAN provides system crash analysis support 24x7x365 when the worst happens.

Founder Bio
Dirk A. D. Smith Dirk A. D. Smith founded Alexander LAN, Inc. in 1991. He also performs consulting services for Cyber Defense companies serving the US Department of Defense, has performed R&D with a partner for the Cyber Defense Branch of the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and is an award-winning journalist. His writing covers
cybersecurity, the Internet domain name and hosting industry and the history of covert CIA Cold War operations.

Smith was born in Tokyo, Japan, raised in the US, received his bachelor's degree from Babson College in Massachusetts. He has been working in the software industry since 1985. He works and resides in New Hampshire, USA.


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