Alexander LAN, Inc.

System Management Simplified

System Security
Zero-day Protection & Forensics
FireTower Guard automatically protects your endpoint systems from zero-day attacks, closing the critical gap in cybersecurity and working alonside existing antivirus solutions.

System Management
The SyAM Software suite of products simplifies the management your Windows, Linux and OSX clients. And, unlike other products, no high-priced consultants or expensive training is needed to install, configure and use them. In fact, the System Client installs in under four minutes and automatically configure itself. Just give it an address to report to and it begins reporting system state immediately.

• FireTower Guard more                                               
Zero-day attack detection, containment, and eradication in real-time plus forensic analysis. Works side-by-side with installed antivirus solutions.

• Site Manager more                                              
Real-time Central Office dashboard and management interface to all remote locations through a web-browser. Enables centralized Helpdesk ticketing, asset reporting, event tracking, non-computer asset management and more. Accessible from anywhere, it runs on a system located at the Central Office.

• System Area Manager more
Provides a web-based dashboard and management to all the systems at a site, reports up to Site Manager over the Internet, runs on a system located at the site, provides In-band and out-of-band (AMT/IPMI/DASH) management, reporting, alerting and asset tracking.

• System Client more
Intelligent agents dynamically discover and monitor the systems, provide pro-active alerting and predictive failure analysis, and report to the System Area Manager. System Clients run on each Windows, Linux, and OSX system.

• Management Utilities more
A central web-based interface that automates system discovery, application deployment, patch management,
group change management, user driven scheduling as well as group configuration and deployment.

• Power Auditor more
Intelligent, automated computer power management auditing and reporting.

FireTower Guard for zero-day attack protection and forensics
Download the Alexander LAN, Inc. product brochure in PDF format Click image to download brochure

Alexander LAN, Inc. Product Brochure Image
Download the Alexander LAN, Inc. product brochure in PDF format Click image to download brochure