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System Management Simplified

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Manage multiple System Clients
This feature rich product, which can be downloaded and installed in just minutes, will manage all your systems simultaneously through a single console. Servers are the backbone of the IT infrastructure. Serving up data, applications, database information, and mission-critical processes, servers play a critical role in the productivity of employees, even in SMB environments. When servers go down, losses skyrocket. System Area Manager allows administrators to manage and monitor the key components of the IT infrastructure: servers, storage, desktops, and notebooks. It empowers administrators to keep all of these systems functioning at peak efficiency and it helps them:

Check Mark Reduce power consumption across all systems.
Check Mark Manage, and configure PCI RAID systems from different manufacturers with one simple interface that replaces all of the complex interfaces from different manufacturers.
Check Mark Dynamically gather highly detailed asset data on all products and generate reports for compliance and other purposes – all with no human intervention.
Check Mark Monitor and alert on a wide spectrum of system parameters including temperature, voltage, power redundancy, fan speeds, physical intrusions, disk capacity, memory module errors, and network connectivity status.
Check Mark Log and compile a variety of system events that can help administrators quickly track ongoing systems issues and respond to them quickly and efficiently.
Check Mark Configure alerting options that can assign different alerts to different groups – focusing key people on key tasks.
Check Mark Remotely identify root causes of problems and often fix them – all without leaving their desk.
Check Mark Remotely Resolve non operational systems using IPMI, vPro and DASH out of band management.
Check Mark Take over a remote system at the keyboard, video, mouse level and fix issues on the fly.

System Area Manager is the cornerstone of our systems management approach, but it relies on data generated from the System Client products.

System Management
System Area Manager is a single tool to manage multiple servers, PCI RAID storage systems, desktops and notebooks within your IT environment.

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