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SyAM System Client can be installed on any x86 or x64 system. Discovery takes only seconds. No VPN, routing or negotiating firewalls are required for Site Manager to access your customer site. Proactively manage your customers’ systems from anywhere in your network operations center while preserving the operational and intellectual integrity of your customers’ IT assets.

An extensible solution, Site Manager scales as the needs of your customers change, centrally and uniformly managing one to even hundreds of remote sites deployed locally or globally. Its web-based management console provides real-time status, system and configuration Dashboards for all System Area clients managed by an IT service organization, providing users with unprecedented levels of visibility and manageability over all of their IT assets.

Running on vPro-enabled systems, the SyAM System Client – which rolls up status to Site Manager – identifies and predicts, in real-time, failure of hardware and software resources as well as configuration and management status of all customer sites. These capabilities not only provide users with the real-time status of each System Area Manager, but also give users the ability to reallocate resources as required, improving operational efficiencies as well as margin.

Site Manager’s remote and fully interactive KVM capabilities enable users to take full remote control of any managed vPro system at any customer site through a web browser. For managed service providers required to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Site Manager’s transaction audit trail and ticketing system allows them to effectively track time to resolution, reducing both the number of support calls and desk-side visits.

Site Manager’s automatic and manual ticketing capabilities – parsed by site, user or event type – provide managed service providers with the ability to document ticketing estimation versus resolution time. These reports, which supply in-depth analysis of IT systems and site specific conditions, include detailed asset tracking and key data required for billing, and information that enables the MSP to be perceived as a trusted advisor to their IT operation.

Service Function Provided by SyAM Management Modules

Check Mark Centralized Dashboard
Check Mark Centralized Asset Reporting
Check Mark Help Desk Ticketing
Check Mark System Monitoring
- Hardware
- Software
Check Mark Event Tracking and Alerting
Check Mark In-band Remote Management
Check Mark Out-of-band Remote Management
 - vPro
Check Mark Intelligent Automated Power Management
Check Mark Microsoft Vulnerability Scanning
Check Mark Microsoft Patch Management
Check Mark 3rd Party Application Deployment
Feature/Function System Area Manager Site Manager
Auto/Manual Ticketing
User Group with Time Estimation vs Actual
All Sites
Remote KVM
Interactive with user with any managed sysetm (Windows, Linux, OSX)
Single Site All Sites
Remote Desktop
Through browser with any managed Windows System
All Sites
System Reporting
Application, OS Licensing, Asset Details
Single Site All Sites
Event Tracking
Filtering by date, type, time, with root cause analysis
Single Site All Sites

Getting Started with Site Manager
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