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System Management Simplified

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Know the state of each system
Working with Intel®, SyAM Software has created a technology architecture that provides tremendous value to SMBs and Enterprises alike. SyAM Software System Client is a tool to manage all brands of servers, PCI RAID storage systems, desktops and notebooks within your IT environment. 

System Client Monitors a single Server, Desktop, or Notebook
This free product can be downloaded and installed to manage one system at a time. To manage multiple systems simultaneously, users should install, on a designated system, our System Area Manager software.

System Client allows administrators to manage and monitor the key components of the IT infrastructure: servers, storage, desktops, and notebooks. System Client empowers administrators to keep all of these systems functioning at peak efficiency.

System Client helps administrators
Check Mark Remotely identify root causes of problems and often fix them – all without leaving their desk.
Check Mark Discover systems assets dynamically, reducing the workload on IT staff.
Check Mark Monitor systems continually and address alerts before they lead to failures.
Check Mark Increase productivity by managing more systems with fewer desk-side visits.
Check Mark Increase the longevity of each system by ensuring it continually operates within guidelines.
Check Mark Reduce the TCO of each system.

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Features System Client System Area Manager
Asset Discovery and Monitoring X X
Remote Keyboard, Video, Mouse Control X
Remote Out-of-Band Management (IPMI/AMT)   X
Power Management X
Asset Change Tracking, Alerting and Reporting   X
Physical/Logical/RAID Storage Montoring and Configuration Monitor Only X
Utilization and Performance Monitoring X X
Configurable Alerting Email/SMS/Pager/SNMP Email Only X
Enterprise Framework Integration (SNMP and Sys Event Log)   X