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Understand the real-time status of your servers
Server energy costs are on the rise but Data Center Managers do not have any control to lower the power consumption to reduce expenses and their carbon footprint.  HVAC systems are another major cost since organizations need to control the environmental temperature within the data center.  A common practice is to increase the temperature in the data center to save money on HVAC systems but this can reduce the lifespan of machines.

SyAM offers a solution that allows you to control global, memory, and CPU wattage.  This solution also allows you to add extra parameters to only limit wattage of certain machines once specific sensor thresholds are met.  For example, setting a policy to limit a machine to X amount of watts when it exceeds X degrees.  By having this control you can control power and temperature at the server level to help reduce electricity costs and prevent systems from overheating and driving up the costs of cooling systems.

Check Mark Power Management
Allows you to cap wattage at the server level and have the ability to set sensor policies to systems once user-defined sensor (temperature, voltage, etc.) thresholds are exceeded.
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Check Mark Enterprise Management Integration
The management software gives the ability to synchronize with Microsoft's SCOM.
Check Mark Real-time Monitoring
24x7 hardware sensor monitoring and predictive failure alerting to understand how servers are performing.

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