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Asset tracking is not only a sound accounting practice, it is critical to business planning, accurate financial statements, and compliance. While not all SMBs have to deal with SOX, HIPAA, and other forms of federally enforced legislation, software compliance is ubiquitous to all firms.

Without knowing which systems are where, it is extremely challenging to control them.  Hardware and software assets need to be accounted for in order to keep them up to date and compliant to what is needed within your organization. By having a real-time list of your assets, you can understand how they are being utilized.  SyAM’s solution brings you asset reports that are fully customizable and allow you to filter down to individual or groups of machines.  This enables you to roll out software updates, install applicatins, etc. to all managed systems on the network.

Check Mark Customizable Dashboard
Quickly and easily filter assets and create reports based on your search
Check Mark Inventory Auditing
Gives you the ability to locate and update assets to increase accuracy of asset inventory
Check Mark Application Management
Locate outdated systems and apply patches and updates to them


Site Summary Dashboard
24 x 7 System Health Monitoring
System Alert Matrix

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