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System Management Simplified


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A common concern within organizations today is keeping up with computer issues without decreasing productivity. This puts constant pressure on the IT staff to resolve issues quickly. Cost is also a major factor as the need for desk-side visits to resolve issues can be a drain to the budget. SyAM Software offers an effective way to resolve issues efficiently. By giving administrators remote management capabilities, they have full control over their environment. Remote access to their managed systems allows them to diagnose, and sometimes even resolve issues, without having to leave their desk.

Remote KVM Control
Allows you to have full interactive keyboard, video and mouse control to resolve issues quickly from anywhere.

Out-of-band Management
Remotely manage systems regardless of their power state. This gives you the ability to control the power state of the computer, perform management functions and resolve issues when they arise.

Remote Management 

Browser-based Interface
Take full control of all managed systems across your network from a web browser.