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Few events cause more problems -- and cost more in time and resources -- than a system crash. And, unfortunately, few in the IT world are trained in the topic. For more than twenty years Alexander LAN, Inc. has not only helped in the prevention, recovery, diagnostics and resoution of system crashes, the company has encouraged IT professionals to learn it themselves.

Learning to Analyze System Crashes
After teaching crash analysis in countless technical sessions at conferences on three continents, we have put into print the basics. Select from the articles listed to the right, published by Network World Magazine, and you will learn how to identify the cause of most crashes. Reading the article then configuring your PC may take an hour. However, following that, you will be able to resolve two out of three crash events -- typically in less than one minute.

The Best Book on Windows Dump Analysis
Windows Internals, 6th edition covers the internals of the core kernel components of the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. This classic book will help you:

Check Mark Understand how the core system and management mechanisms work—from the object manager to services to the registry
Check Mark Explore internal system data structures using tools like the kernel debugger
Check Mark Grasp the scheduler’s priority and CPU placement algorithms
Check Mark Go inside the Windows security model to see how it authorizes access to data
Check Mark Understand how Windows manages physical and virtual memory
Check Mark Tour the Windows networking stack from top to bottom—including APIs, protocol drivers, and network adapter drivers
Check Mark Troubleshoot file-system access problems and system boot problems
Check Mark The last chapter teaches the details on how to analyze crashes!

Sixth in the series, this edition was again written by Mark Russinovich, a Technical Fellow in Microsoft’s Azure Group, David Solomon, an operating systems expert and Windows internals teacher, and Alex Ionescu, Chief Architect at CrowdStrike and specializing in OS internals and security. Besides updates for changes in Windows, there are many new experiments and examples that highlight the use of both existing and new Sysinternals tools.


by Dirk A. D. Smith, Alexander LAN, Inc.
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